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Car accidents can be fatal for pedestrians in Pennsylvania

There is a certain amount of danger present when pedestrians walk next to roadways that may sometimes lead to tragic car accidents. Whether the victim of a pedestrian hit and run or some other collision, a person struck by a vehicle typically suffers major injury. A recent one of these car accidents in Birmingham, Alabama involved two pedestrians.

A man and woman were walking next to a roadway in an Alabama neighborhood on a Thursday afternoon. Officials state that a utility van had been traveling eastbound along the street before it jumped the curb and hit the two pedestrians before crashing into a pole. In the course of the crash, the van pinned the woman beneath it. Authorities declared her dead after arriving at the scene.

Tragedy can result from Alabama car accidents

Although rather tragic, holidays can create a great deal of accidents. It is heartbreaking that during an exciting and joyous time, such a sad thing can occur. The 4th of July is no exception to this trend; numerous crashes take place over this holiday weekend and many lives are lost. A recent one of Alabama’s fatal car accidents took place during this patriotic holiday time.

Traffic on a highway can be hazardous for those who are unaware. This was apparently exhibited in a motor vehicle collision that happened on I-10 in Alabama involving two vehicles one Friday morning. A Corolla had stopped because of the traffic on the roadway when a pickup truck traveling at a high rate of speed reportedly failed to stop.

Hope in the midst of 1 of Alabama's car accidents

Motor vehicle collisions can involve anyone, from a car carrying a single occupant to a minivan full of children. When little ones are hurt or killed in car accidents or pedestrian hit and runs, families are left incredibly heartbroken. A family in Alabama understands all too well how a fatal crash can completely change their lives.

The tragic automobile crash occurred one Thursday night, when a 9-year-old boy was riding his bike home with some friends. He rode past the local hospital just before a vehicle slammed into him. He was transported to another hospital, where he died two days later. The young boy was unable to overcome the injuries he suffered in the collision.

1 dead, 3 injured in 1 of Alabama's freeway and highway accidents

The damages that result from motor vehicle collisions can be minor or extremely severe. Freeway and highway accidents often have major consequences because of the high rate of speed at which the vehicles are traveling. While interstates are quite helpful when people want to travel a long distance in a short amount of time, a car accident can cause smooth-flowing traffic to come to a halt. One recent Alabama crash involved two vehicles and had tragic results.

A vehicle was traveling along an interstate in Alabama headed north one Friday evening. The SUV was carrying six occupants before it overturned and slammed into a Camry. The driver of the Camry suffered injuries in the collision, but they were deemed minor. The driver of the SUV, as well as an 8-year-old who was ejected from the car, both suffered serious injuries.

1 dead, 1 injured in 1 of Alabama's drunk driver accidents

Being aware of one’s surroundings while behind the wheel of a motor vehicle is incredibly important for everyone on the road. Driving while impaired or distracted can have severe consequences. If one is traveling at high speeds or along windy streets, the danger increases. A recent one of Alabama’s drunk driver accidents cost a pedestrian his life.

A 43-year-old man was driving along the highway in Alabama when his vehicle traveled off of the road one afternoon. His Chevrolet truck purportedly collided with two pedestrians that had been walking together. One of the pedestrians was declared dead at the site of the motor vehicle accident. The other victim was transported to a nearby hospital for treatment of the injuries he suffered.

Car accident damages go far beyond vehicle destruction in Alabama

Car accidents can affect people in a variety of ways: physically, emotionally and mentally. People that were totally healthy before a crash may not be able to walk away. The car accident damages that often result from wrong-way crashes are especially heartbreaking. A recent motor vehicle collision in Alabama did not merely wreck the automobiles involved, but also ended one man’s life.

A 55-year-old man was driving his pickup truck along a roadway until a head-on crash stopped everything. His pickup reportedly crossed the centerline and collided with an automobile traveling in the opposite direction. A 57-year-old man was operating the other vehicle at the time of the crash.

Recent Motorcycle Accidents Cause Amputation Injuries

Motorcycle accidents in Alabama have recently caused three separate amputation and de-gloving injuries to the feet of bike riders. Drake Law Firm of Birmingham is currently handling all three of these cases. In each instance, the motorcyclist was injured due to a negligent driver auto driver, two of whom were operating their cellphones or texting while driving.

Alabama intersection accidents: 5 hurt in Birmingham

Motor vehicle collisions can occur anyplace and involve other vehicles, pedestrians and/or buildings. People that are not in an automobile do not often think they could also be a part of an accident. As a result of this sense of safety, many are shocked when they witness or hear of a crash involving those not on the roadway. A recent one of Alabama's intersection accidents occurred outside a homeless shelter and involved a totally unsuspecting group.

A sedan was traveling along a road in downtown Birmingham when the driver reportedly ran a red traffic light. As it was passing through the intersection, the sedan slammed into a minivan. The force of the collision sent the minivan skidding into the crowd that had gathered outside a homeless shelter. One witness said that the accident seemed to happen in slow motion.

Texting may have been a factor in 1 of Alabama's car accidents

There are a wide variety of vehicles that have been mass-produced in the last 100 years or so, beginning with the very first Model T in 1908. Roadways across the United States provide a way for a number of people to travel in various types of automobiles every day. From tractor-trailers to motorcycles, each vehicle provides a different level of protection in the case of car accidents. A recent motor vehicle crash in Alabama cost one man his life.

The collision occurred at the intersection of a highway and another road early one Thursday morning. A 58-year-old man was riding a motorcycle when he was struck by a 2002 GMC. The GMC was operated by a 17-year-old teenager.

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