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"Didn't see him" accidents may increase as weather warms

As Alabama finally seems to have shaken off the long, icy fingers of a winter that lasted longer than normal, more motorcyclists appear to be dusting off their bikes to enjoy the warmer weather. However, the increase of motorcycles on the road can also lead to an increase in "didn't see him" accidents -- those in which drivers claim to not have seen a motorcycle that they struck. Recently, an Alabama motorcyclist was struck after another driver said he simply didn't see the man coming.

The incident occurred on April 1, but the accident was no joke. A 23-year-old man yielded at a stop sign before he attempted to cross an intersection that a motorcyclist was traveling toward. The driver apparently thought that the way was clear and drove forward. After entering the intersection, he struck the motorcycle and its driver.

Alabama Personal Injury Claims: What To Expect After Filing Suit

Although most personal injury claims in Alabama are settled, particlarly auto accident injuries, some cases must filed into Court and go to trial. Even after filing, there is a good chance the case will settle. However, if the case does not settle, certain procedures are followed.

Alabama car accidents: 2 deaths in 3 vehicle Auburn crash

Understandably, to be notified of the death of a loved one in a crash is a huge shock. Along with the anguish comes a host of questions about what could possibly have gone wrong. However, some car accidents yield little or no evidence and need extensive investigation before those questions can be answered. Two Alabama men died in such a crash on a recent Tuesday morning.

The only information reported was obtained from a preliminary police investigation. It was established that a 23-year-old female in a Honda and a 23-year-old male in a Toyota were both heading in the same direction when one vehicle knocked into the other. The report gave no indication which car bumped into the other car. After the contact between these two vehicles occurred, the Honda smashed head-on into a Pontiac that was traveling in the opposite direction and carrying the two Alabama men. There were 27 and 53 years old.

Distracted driving can lead to hit-and-run accidents

Along most Alabama highways, billboards are posted advising drivers not to text while driving. Distracted driving has become an epidemic across the nation as well as across Alabama. Tragically, some of the crashes that result quickly turn into hit-and-run accidents. In the wake of a recent alleged distracted driving incident that resulted in the death of a pedestrian, an Anniston man has been arrested for manslaughter.

Police say that the victim was a 47-year-old man who was taking his dog for a walk along the side of the road. While walking his dog, he was hit by a tan Ford Explorer. Although the driver of the vehicle did not stop, evidence from the accident remained at the scene. Police were able to trace this evidence to the man they subsequently accused.

Workplace Accidents: Your Options Under Alabama Law

Workplace accidents occur every day in Alabama. Many workers may be unaware of their rights under the Alabama Workers Compensation Act. A detailed discussion is beyong the scope of this blog post, but we can set out the basics that an injured worker should know.

Traumatic brain injuries can be severe in Alabama, elsewhere

People often have so many "normal" days that they don't readily expect the unexpected to happen. Still, unforeseen circumstances do occur -- sometimes in the form of a car accident, and other times in the form of a fall, for instance. Unfortunately, an accident that takes place in a split second can affect someone for a lifetime, especially if a brain injury results. Since March is National Brain Injury Awareness Month in Alabama and across the country, it's worth exploring whether a loved one who has been involved in an accident may have sustained traumatic brain injuries.

In severe cases, once a person suffers a brain injury, he or she may seem like a completely different person. This is because these individuals may have to learn how to swallow food or even walk all over again. Likewise, he or she may have trouble telling the difference between everyday household items -- something that other adults often take for granted.

Alabama Fatal Car Accidents Statistics

The most recent data from the National Highway and Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) indicates no significant change in the number, cause or results of car accidents fatalities for the last reportable year in Alabama. There were a total of 865 motor vehicle crash deaths in 2012, slightly less than 2011. Of note, 30 percent of those were alcohol-related. The 865 auto crashes are further broken down as follows:

Car accidents with teen occupants often take deadly tolls

Joy rides by teenagers are a well-known source of traffic fatalities. Often alcohol is a main cause of these accidents. Typically, these car accidents occur in the early morning hours, and speed is a factor. At this point, however, it's unknown what caused an Alabama accident on March 9 at about 12:15 a.m. At that time, a single vehicle carrying six juveniles went off the roadway and crashed into a building.

One factor is being mentioned: the Mobile Police Department is pointing to speed as a contributing cause. One of the six occupants died in the crash and the other five were taken to a hospital in serious condition. Basically, no other details are currently available. It's unknown if the driver was among the survivors. Either he or his estate will be liable to compensate the five passengers.

Drunk driving collisions claim another life in Alabama

While most people accept that alcohol will always be a part of society, most people also agree that it has no place in vehicles. Despite enormous efforts by authorities to emphasize the dangers of driving under the influence, drunk driving collisions still occur on a daily basis. Sadly, lives are lost in many DUI accidents, and more and more Alabama families have to cope with the loss of loved ones in accidents that could have been prevented.

The family of a 24-year-old woman is now mourning her death after she was killed in an accident on March 4. The woman was a passenger in a vehicle driven by an alleged drunk driver, who apparently lost control of his vehicle and smashed into an embankment. The male driver, who sustained serious injuries, is being held in a detention center, and he now faces a murder charge. His bond was set at $50,000.

Top 10 Causes of Distracted Driver Accidents in Alabama

Texting and distracted driver accidents occur daily in Alabama. It's a rarity for accidents to happen when a driver is vigilante, obeying all rules of the road and paying close attention to their driving. So, based on Drake Law Firm's combined experience of over 30 years of handling car accident claims, we have assembled a top ten list of the most common distractions resulting in personal injury claims, in no particular order:

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