Verdicts & Settlements

These recoveries and settlements are not an indication or guarantee of future results. Every case is different, and regardless of what friends, family or others may say about the value of a case, each case must be evaluated on its own facts and circumstances as they may apply to the law. The valuation of a case depends on the facts, injuries, the jurisdiction, the venue, the witnesses, the parties and the testimony, among other factors. Furthermore, no representation is made that the quality of the legal services to be performed is greater than the quality of legal services performed by other lawyers.

Eight-figure Settlement for Work Accident Resulting in Multiple Deaths and Injuries
A faulty product was blamed for causing an explosion that injured and killed multiple workers.


$15 Million Verdict in Wrongful Death Auto Accident - (Clanton Al)

Family was struck head-on by drunk driver. One death and multiple, serious injuries by passengers.

$3 Million Policy Limits Settlement for Truck Accident – (Mississippi)
Clients were rear-ended by trucker who had been previously diagnosed with sleep apnea. Allegation was that his employer knew of his ailment and negligently allowed him to drive.

$2.2 Million Verdict for Wrongful Death Accident – (Limestone County)
Client was killed when he collided with a flat-bed trailer that was missing D.O.T. reflectors. He was driving a buggy out of a warehouse for an independent contractor hired by General Motors.

$2.5 Million Malpractice Verdict – (Birmingham, AL)
Woman was admitted to local hospital for pneumonia. A central venous line was improperly placed, resulting in emboli forming in her arm that subsequently had to be amputated. Suit was against two doctors and hospital.

$1.25 Million Settlement for On the Job Amputation – (Chattanooga, Tenn.)
Product liability suit was brought against manufacturer of lift bucket truck. Client was electrocuted when the boom on the truck came into contact with an electrical wire.

$700,000 Verdict Against Grain Manufacturer – (Birmingham, AL)
Cullman dairy farmer sustained loss of business income due to contaminated feed. $500,000 of the verdict represented punitive damages.

Seven-Figure Settlement for Family in Truck Accident - (Anniston, AL)
Car wreck with commercial truck resulting in multiple fractures and hospitalizations.

$375,000 Verdict for Auto Accident - (Birmingham, AL) Jefferson county man was hit by negligent driver in a parking lot, resulting in disc herniation and resulting need for a cervical discectomy.

$500,000 Policy Limits Settlement for Wrongful Death Auto Accident – (Jasper, AL) Plaintiff was t-boned by Youth Director of local church who ran a red light.

$250,000 Wrongful Death Settlement Against Nursing Home – (Pell City, AL)
88 year old resident was dropped by nurse. She then had hip surgery that resulted in complications causing her death.

$1 Million Wrongful Death Settlement for Trucking Accident in Cullman, Alabama
Plaintiff was rear-ended by a truck driver who was not paying attention while traveling Interstate 65.

$1.3 Million Wrongful Death Verdict Against Birmingham Hospital
Decedent committed suicide while admitted to psychiatric ward. She smuggled a derringer into the unit via a body cavity. Claim was made that the hospital should have more thoroughly searched her before admittance.

$400,000 Verdict for Work Accident Amputation – (Gadsden, AL)
Worker had three fingers amputated in machine that was not properly guarded. Suit was brought against company that had bought and installed the machine.

$1 Million Policy Limits Settlement for Job Accident – (Huntsville, AL)
Claimant was struck by a tree that had been cut, but had not fallen, by another company the day before, while working at the Redstone Arsenal in Madison County. The company had failed to “flag” the tree and warn of its presence as a hazard. The resulting injury was permanent paralysis.

$950,000 Settlement for Construction Accident – (Florence, AL)
Worker was hit on the head by a wrench that fell several stories from a building that was under construction. The wrench was dropped by another subcontractor working above the scene of the accident. Due to the trauma, the worker sustained a neck fracture and partial hearing loss.

Seven-Figure Settlement for Gas Explosion Injury - (Birmingham, AL)
Client was severely burned on face and arms due to the negligence of an independent contractor working on gas lines. Medical bills were approximately $250,000 but paid by workers compensation.

Confidential Settlement – (Anniston, AL)
Claimant was sexually molested by store supervisor after she had been detained for suspicion of shoplifting.

$1 Million Policy Limits Settlement for Georgia Couple in Truck Accident
Husband and wife were driving in Calhoun County when they were rear-ended by a tractor trailer on Interstate 20. Injuries were initially minimal but the husband subsequently developed an infection and his kidneys shut-down, resulting in a dependence on kidney dialysis.

$400,000 Wrongful Death Settlement Against Nursing Home – (Guntersville, AL)
Patient was not properly turned and positioned by the nurses. Over time, she developed numerous bed sores that resulted in sepsis and death.

$1 Million Wrongful Death Job Accident Settlement –(Birmingham, AL)
Worker was painting a crane for a local steel company when a strong wind blew the crane off its tracks and crushed him against a wall. It was alleged that the steel company negligently failed to secure the crane.

$600,000 Settlement for Construction Accident –(Pell City, AL)
Client was struck by drilling machine apparatus while working with other subcontractors. He sustained a head and shoulder injury.


$1 Million Settlement for Amputation Injury - (Birmingham Al)

Sanitation worker was struck by company vehicle just off highway 280, resulting in a above the knee amputation. The settlement represented the full limits of insurance available.


$500,000 Settlement for Hand Crush Injury - (Birmingham Al)

Client from Cullman received crush injury to hand at local hospital due to negligence of staff. While medical negligence cases against hospitals are difficult and time-consuming, settlement was reached less than one year after the incident.


$1,000,000 Settlement for Severe Hip Fracture in Auto Accident - (Cullman County)

Settlement was reached in less than one year for client who sustained a work related crush injury to the hip in a relatively mild auto accident collision.


Confidential Settlement for Femur Crush Cause by Car Accident - (Birmingham, AL)

Client was t-boned by at-fault driver. Surgery was performed to insert prosthetic device. Case settled for full policy limits available.


$2,000,000 Settlement in Auto Defect Claim (Gadsden, Al)

Young adult was paralyzed due to spinal trauma caused by motor vehicle crash. Claim was made against car manufacturer for inadequate head and neck protection. Case settled after lengthy litigation.

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